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Vitapath is a Canada-based retailer of vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition supplements and personal care products. our goal is to inspire you to take control of your health & fitness. we believe that every body matters. for us, it's not just about the vitamins, it's about the individual lives that we touch every day. since we first opened our doors in 2012, our aim has been to create an inspirational experience for every customer so that they feel empowered to take control of their health and fitness.

our associates - we call them health enthusiasts - are passionate and knowledgeable about health and wellness, and are eager to help our customers have an empowering experience every time they visit Vitapath.

meet our team of health enthusiasts
Colleen Smith: district manager I could never have another job I love more or find as rewarding
Colleen Smith
district manager
Health Enthusiast since 2012
the opportunity to introduce Vitapath to Canadians in 2013 was such an honour and privilege! i have a passion for integrating wellness into our lives and sharing the knowledge to achieve balance between mind & body. as i learned and grew in my own yoga practice, i recognized the value in supporting others in their health journey. as an accredited yoga teacher, i respect the need for self awareness that yoga offers and the desire to treat the body as a temple. this to me, is truly inspiring. that's how i feel working for vitapath and partnering with such knowledgeable and passionate people. for those who have a desire to educate and become an advocate for wellness, Vitapath is such a wonderful choice!
Shanna Schneider
store manager
Health Enthusiast since 2012
I was familiar with Vitamin Shoppe® and loved the knowledge and genuine help i received. so naturally i jumped at the chance to work for such a passionate company. i feel it was a perfect fit for me. all my life i have been involved with sports, healthy lifestyle and educating others through exercise. which allowed me to travel overseas to the u.a.e to teach fitness and nutrition to the troops. all i can say is what an extraordinary experience. i am always taking courses to drive my passion for fitness and nutrition to further help customers needs. since working at Vitapath as a key holder, the knowledge i have gained, friendships and being able to help customers has been extremely rewarding.
Caroline Taylor
store manager
Health Enthusiast since 2012
I joined Vitapath as an assistant store manager in 2012. as a previous health store owner, i was enthusiastic to join Vitapath as they were in alignment with my beliefs on the importance of ongoing education and learning as well as truly dedicated to empowering customers to help them achieve their wellness goals. i recently took on the role of store manager and am enjoying utilizing and developing my managerial skills and am grateful to be working directly with such a great team of inspired and motivated health enthusiasts. my experience at Vitapath has inspired me to further develop my knowledge by enrolling in courses to become a holistic nutritionist.
Kevin Shier
health enthusiast
Health Enthusiast since 2013
despite joining the Vitapath team only recently, my experiences as a health enthusiast have been nothing short of what I envisioned. my knowledge about all areas of the industry have increased exponentially since i started here. being a future ncaa collegiate hockey player, most of my health and wellness expertise was concentrated in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation. the exceptional training at vitapath has enabled me to further my knowledge of health and wellness into other fields such as herbs, homeopathy and children’s health. on a personal level, Vitapath has enabled me to meet my own health and wellness goals, and helped me become a better hockey player on and off the ice. i could have never imagined a more fitting company for me to work for, and i feel very lucky to call myself a health enthusiast.
Karen Bowie
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Health Enthusiast since 2012
My passion for Holistic Nutrition began with my own personal journey when I suffered from a tropical illness after traveling, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and just recently, a hip replacement. I know that without the holistic approach to nutrition along with exercising and the help of fitness trainers (before and after the hip replacement), I would have never healed from these physical challenges as quickly and fully as I have. Good nutrition and being physically fit brought me through these difficult chronic conditions and today I am active, healthy and very grateful for the quality of life that I now enjoy. These experiences helped reinforce my belief in the human body's innately intelligent ability to heal itself when combined with proper nutrition, fitness training and vitamin and mineral supplementation. I am currently the onsite nutritionist at Vitapath in Newmarket. Personally and professionally I attain the most satisfaction and self-fulfillment in educating and empowering others to conquer their physical and fitness challenges through the utilization of healthy nutrition and supplementation.
Rayan Hargobind
store manager
Health Enthusiast since 2012
few can honestly say they love their job. i consider myself in that elite category of people here at Vitapath. i joined the company as a store manager from the very beginning here in Canada. my career has been given the opportunity to inspire and lead others here, and the company makes sure that i have all the tools i need to do that at a high level. i get to meet new and familiar faces everyday, educate them on their needs and motivate them towards their goals. at the end of the day, i can go home knowing that i was able to make a difference in someone's life today, and for me that makes all the difference in the world!
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